The Global Crisis

Climate change is the single biggest crisis mankind is facing today; simply put, we are altering the climate of the planet and thus degrading its ability to support us. But there are several other crises that are almost as serious and they all share a common theme – that the Earth is a finite size and we are using it up. This Global Crisis is absolutely a man-made catastrophe; mankind’s very success is destroying Earth.

The underlying problem is our consumption. Consumption means production which means pollution; one form of pollution is CO2 emission, the underlying cause of climate change. Our consumption grossly exceeds Earth’s capacities – by at least a factor of 2 – and – due to population growth and upward mobility in the developing world – it is rising. If we are to solve the Global Crisis, we have to get this consumption under control; we need to

  1. Maintain the earth’s population at or near its current level.
  2. Reduce the average consumption in dollars – i.e. consume less.
  3. Make each dollar spent produce less CO2 – i.e. consume smarter. 

We need to transforms today’s consumer society into a Modern Society, where we protect the planet and following generations in the decisions we make today.  

How the Global Crisis is Affecting People’s Lives
Environmental Crises

The environmental crises are all about how we exploit our planet

Social Crises

The social crises are about how we relate to each other

Solving the Global Crisis

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