Debunking Climate Action Sceptics

Opponents to action on the climate crisis have used various strategies over the last 25 years including denial (‘there is no climate crisis’), claiming it isn’t man-made (‘the climate has always been changing’), spreading doubt (‘the evidence isn’t strong enough to justify action at this point’) and claiming a lack of scientific consensus (‘climate scientists … More Debunking Climate Action Sceptics

Ghosts of Glaciers

The Pyrénées are my local mountains and I try to get out there hiking or riding my bike every week or so. A month ago I climbed up le Taillon (a 3000+ meter peak on the French – Spanish border) passing through la Breche de Roland, a spectacular slot in the sharp border ridge. As … More Ghosts of Glaciers

This Web Site

I’ve produced this web site to record my ideas on how we should address climate change and other crises that are affecting us. The site is derived from a document and it’s very text-heavy – you may prefer to read the document directly. In any event, I’m hoping to refine the site and would welcome … More This Web Site

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is the day of the year when we’ve used up a year’s worth of planetary resources; once we are past that date, we’re consuming resources non-renewably. In 2019 we hit that date on the 29th of July; as a general rule, it gets a little bit earlier each year. It’s a date … More Earth Overshoot Day